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Guitartopia is born!

September 2021 was the month that Guitartopia was born. Having previously worked in broadcasting and having a lot of fun with my good friend Sam Bastow at SamZilla Radio, I kind of missed the bug of having my own radio station. I've always been a huge fan of rock, metal and guitar music so I thought I'd try something which encompasses my passion for melodic rock and the power and the beauty of the guitar.

The USP I guess is just that; melodic, guitar based music whether it be classic rock, metal or even fusion. My love of progressive rock began when I tuned into an Internet radio station at work and got hooked on the incredible talent that is Arjen Lucassen. That led me to discover other amazing artists such as Michael Romeo, Jorn Lande and Steve Lee. My hope is that someone who listens to Guitartopia will also begin a new musical adventure.

If you have any suggestions for my playlist, I am always open to suggestion. The world of guitar music can be incredibly varied and I don't want to fall into a mosh pit of metal without celebrating other genres. I hope you have fun, whether you are a guitarist like me or just someone who loves guitar music.

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